Feature 1.1: blade filter’s instagram

  • Managed social media accounts and frequently post new content to Instagram, Facebook and Houzz. Client inquiries are forwarded to the company's admin staff.

  • All content follows a particular colour scheme.

  • Photos are edited, posted, and accompanied by a caption & rotating research hashtags.

Feature 1: blade filters

Blade Filters carries the first set of Carbon Air Filters that are replaceable. They are currently disrupting the carbon air filter and Cannabis industry with their innovative design.

The new website we designed helps reflect the Blade Filters’ identity, includes CTA’s to purchase and an E-Commerce component. The website is fully responsive on all mobile devices and accompanied by call-to-actions in the headers and footers of the service-pages to stimulate phone calls and email inquiries.

In addition:

  • We wrote original content for new website pages, blog articles and social media captions. The mentioned alterations improved SEO performance.

  • Designed and rendered all graphics that appear on the site.

  • Promoted new products by connecting Shopify to Instagram.


Feature 1.3: Brand identity

A brand identity guide is important to create as Blade Filters must work with manufacturers, industrial designs, and product designers to develop their products and patents. These guidelines have helped them understand their brand as a whole, and speak to their target customers much more cohesively.

Feature 2: 9pines

9 Pines is an LP in Ontario who needed help with their brand identity. While this product is currently ongoing, we have begun phase one of our brand identity plan: Logo