5 Cost-Saving Ways to Share the Holidays with Your Clients


The holidays can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re a business owner that’s scrambling to find quick and inexpensive ways to send the holiday gifts to your best clients.  We’ve compiled a short list of low-cost gifts that’ll delight your clients and keep you top-of-mind in the new year.


The handwritten card is an absolute must for B2B businesses. We recommend sending your postcards to current and past clients, vendors, and any hot leads you may have.

Given that most communication between businesses is digital, receiving a handwritten card can be a rare gem. We recommend ordering customized post cards, and taking the time to provide a handwritten message. You can even have your team contribute to signing each card to add more sentiment.

Also worth checking out: Treasured card

Don’t have time to hand deliver your card but still want to add a personal touch? The Treasured Card is a new and unique way for people and organizations to express gratitude, by customizing a voice message that can be access through a QR code. Each individual card is customized and printed to your specifications with a web-portal that let’s your record a voice-greeting. This card is your chance to speak to your clients one last tme before the new year.

2. Wine

Wine is always an appropriate gift item because it’s shareable, but the last thing you want to gift your clients is bad wine — you’ll leave a bad taste.  Clients will acknowledge your taste and consideration if you can treat them with a decent tasting wine. We suggest using online tools like MyWineCanada.com or Vivino to find popular, well-reviewed wines that fit your gifting budget.


Photo from CNN Money (https://money.cnn.com/2017/08/01/smallbusiness/vivino-wine-app/l)

Vivino, is an app that allows you to take a photo of any wine label, learn the wine’s rating, the reviews, and average price instantly. They also provide a plethora of reviews and top picks at various price points.

MyWineCanada.com is an online wine finder that enables Canadians to shop for and buy wine from Canada’s top wine producers. You order directly from the winery and it is shipped right to your house. Why not shop local when the selection is this great?

3. Personal Holiday Playlist from Your Company

Bring the joy of holiday music to your clients work-space. There’s multiple studies that prove music equates to productivity creating an environment. Creating a Holiday playlists on spotify is free and takes no time. Best of all, it can be shared through email and social media.

If it’s a highly-valued client, why not send them a gift-card for a premium Spotify or Itunes membership? It’s something they’ll frequently use, and remember for months to come.

Bonus! Here’s our gift to you: Check out the Growth Group’s Holiday Playlist here.


4. Plant (Succulents) 

When it comes to indoor plants, succulents and air plants don’t require maintenance, which makes them an awesome choice for office greenery. They also represent growth, prosperity and wealth in many cultures.

Plants don’t cost much either, and you can purchase a desk-sized succulent for around $10.   Best of all it’ll become a reminder of your services and good-will for that client.

5. Humidifier

It’s Winter— so why not gift a much-needed humidifier? During the winter office buildings often suffer from dry-air which effects overall comfort and productivity. Dry, cold air can sap moisture from the skin, and cause respiratory problems.

The humidifier can make you an office hero! It’s a practical, and a (relatively) low-priced items that creates lasting effects  your client can literally feel.

Use the holidays to show clients that you’re grateful for their business.

You don’t have to break the bank or be extravagant. Most importantly, take the time to personalize the names and contacts for your holiday gifts or greeting cards. The last thing you’d want is for your kind gesture to go unnoticed.

Your clients know that you provide value- hence why they work with you! The Holidays can be stressful, so just remember that a thoughtful gesture for your clients will keep you top of mind come new year.

Tiffany Rioflorido