How Does Instagram’s New ‘Archive’ Feature Work?


Recently, Instagram released a new feature that lets users to “Archive” their photos. This “Archive” option enables users to create a private experience for their viewing only. Previously you may have noticed that some users tend to delete content from their feed once the post stops collecting likes, views, or comments. Several third party apps are also available to save and store deleted photos. As of yesterday Instagram has added the function to their native app with the “archive” button.

Using this feature, users are able make edits to their feed without losing the their hashtags and caption. One of the neatest features with this functions is the ability to restore archived photos (in chronological order) without notifying existing followers.

To utilize Instagram’s ‘Archive’ function, tap the “…” button on the top right side of your photo and click “Archive.” To view your archived photos, go to your profile and click the clock on the top right of your home screen. Your archive will contain all of the saved photos that you removed from public display.

Should you decide to restore an archived photo back to your feed, go to your archive, click on the photo you want, tap the “…” and choose “Show on Profile”. It’s that easy to restore photos back to your feed.

For personal use archiving technically lets you hide all of your content in case you need a breather from the Gram!

Why don’t I have the Archive button?

If you’re not able to archive photos on Instagram yet, update your iOS or Android application.

Tiffany Rioflorido