Podcasts are the new radio.
Except they're more engaging and cost effective for advertisers..

Why should I care about Podcast Advertising?

Podcasts are quickly becoming the worlds most adopted form of audio media. For brands, they offer an innovative opportunity to reach new audiences.

Rapid Growth

Roughly 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast this year, up 11% from 2016.

New & Untapped

Despite the growth of Podcasts, Podcast ad spend in 2017 was only 35 million compared to 18 billion on radio ads.

Authentic Endorsements

Unlike Youtube or Radio ads that are pre-recorded, Podcast ads are spoken by the hosts and naturally woven into the content.

Highly Engaged Audiences

Podcast listeners will spend an average of 4 hours and 10 minutes weekly on an average of 5 different podcasts (Edison Research).

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Podcasters are actively seeking advertisers for partnerships. For brands It's a matter of finding the right brand ambassadors.

Media & Ad Slot Purchasing

We work with hundreds of Podcasters across Canada and The United States. Based on your brand and target market, we'll purchase ad slots in Podcasts that are aligned with your product or service offering.

Acess Major Media Outlets wih Podcasts

Podcasts are completely free to listen, and offered across a variety of streaming applications including major outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube. Unlike traditional radio , Podcast shows reach a vast audience across all major online audio platforms, as opposed to a single frequency or application.

Ad Copy/Script

Ads are not typically pre-recorded, instead they're spoken by the Podcast hosts during a show. To avoid any uncertainty, we provide all of our sponsored Podcasters with script that's approved beforehand. Media slots can range from 5-second shout-outs to lengthy sponsored segments.


Weekly listens are reported from all of the Podcast shows we represent.  You can also track your Podcast  campaigns using promotional codes or offers that are mentioned in your ad.


We're able to buy ad slots, create a script and schedule your campaign in under 5 business days. We can also make tweaks to your ad within 7 days of a Podcast's release date.


Podcasts are measured by weekly listens, downloads and overall subscribers. Individual ad campaign's can also be gauged using promotional codes and exclusive offers.


On average for the same audience, Podcast ads are 30-50% (CPM) less expensive than Youtube and Radio advertisements.


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